Right and left point breaks, rock slabs, heavy barreling beach breaks and
fun peaky waves. Its all here in the Coiba National Park! Let our guides
show you the way to some of Panama’s best kept secrets.

This is Surfing in Panama

Lost Coast has been surfing this area of Panama for over 10 years. We have over 1,000 days guiding Coiba National Park alone. No one knows this area better. Scoring here takes an extensive knowledge of the tides, wind, swell size, swell direction, and locations. Some of the spots fire in small swell when others are not showing at all. Other spots only fire during certain tides or take a big swell or unique swell direction. Rocks, reef, wind, and of course…open ocean swell all make surfing here fast and powerful. With 7 left point breaks, 5 right point breaks, 4 beach breaks and a handful of short slabby lefts and rights we have much to choose from for all levels.

Some of the points can be a ˝ mile rides that you will never forget. Each day we start out with a plan based on tides, client requests and wind. We surf until the tide gets to low or high then jump to another spot 10 to 15 minutes away for the incoming to high tide or outgoing to low. Coiba is so exposed to the open ocean that there is always surf. Afternoons generally turn the wind onshore in some locations so we make another jump to where the winds are offshore at point breaks.

The upside to these constantly changing variables is that we surf alone. That’s right… Your group killing it all by yourselves. We are so certain you will surf alone we guarantee it! Logistics make this a difficult location for outsiders to reach and with limited knowledge of the area most likely a waste of their time.

Lost Coast uses our two 24’ sport boats to take groups to the breaks daily. These boats can transfer up to 6 guests and boards at a time. They are 5,000 pound aluminum boats with center console designed for serious offshore running. We cruise at 24 kts, which gets us to and from the breaks quickly. These boats are not pongas and the ride is exceptional. Both 24’ boats are also outfitted with offshore fishing gear, inshore fishing gear and snorkel gear. When you decide to end your day of surfing there is more good news, the fishing for Marlin, Sailfish and Tuna on the famous Hannibal Bank is only a 20 minute jump offshore! Catch some fish on the way home and return with fresh Sashimi for our chef to prepare.