Coiba Island and The Hannibal Bank

Join us as we fish one of the premier fishing locations in Central America! The Hannibal Bank is a name known by serious big game fishermen throughout the world, but is not an area your local travel agent is likely to know about. The remote location and history of this place has allowed it to remain one of the best locations in the world to get your blue marlin, black marklin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, cubera snapper, mahi mahi and wahoo. For serious big game fishermen, the Hannibal Bank is a must fish!

Why Fish the Hannibal Bank?

History: For years, the surrounding islands were used by the Panamanian Government as penal colonies. The area was not open to tourism or recreation as the government kept some of their worst prisoners isolated upon the islands. Today this has changed. The prisoners have been removed and the area is now designated a national park and a world heritage site. For years, these prisoners kept anglers away from world class fishing grounds. These untouched fishing grounds are now available to you. Join Lost Coast Excursions as we tour through these waters catching the next grand slam.

Location: The Hannibal bank is located over 50 miles from the Panamanian mainland. A boat ride here takes a minimum of three hours from most locations. The best way to access these areas is to cut out the commute and stay on the island in one of the parks cabanas. From the Cabanas to the Hannible Bank the run time in our 24 foot Aluminum boats is only 45 minutes. The Hannibal Bank goes from a depth of over 3,000 feet to 120 feet within 3 miles. This drastic drop off results in a huge upwelling of cool water, which provides the nourishment for baitfish. The baitfish congregate on the shelves drawing in the big Black Marlin that feed in these shallow waters. Giant schools of Yellow Fin Tuna chase baitfish on the surface and sailfish drive Bonita into a frenzy.

The Hannibal Bank makes up a large portion of the edge of this famous shelf but is actually a small part of the overall edge that we fish. This 3,000 foot shelf runs from the Ladrones Islands to on outer island off of Coiba called Montosa. Jicoron is another outer island that we spend many days fishing off the edge of the bank.

Due to the location of Panama the seas are generally calm with minimal winds. Because of these calm seas we are able to outfit boats to cover ground quickly. Our boats cruise at 24 knots and carry 200 gallons of fuel. We can cover some serious ground quickly! The 24 foot sport boats are designed for the avid angler that wants to hook and fight their own fish, stand up! You set the hook. You run the spread, You get 100% of the fight. Our crew is there to assist, but we encourage you to join in the action from rigging to hand line. The 24' boats are designed with an open cockpit, casting platform and center fighting platform. Why this design? So our guests can fight fish 360 degrees. They can cast plugs from three locations on the boat allowing multiple guests can cast at once. When we are in the big Tuna there is nothing better than throwing surface plugs with your friends! Once we hook them up you don't have to drag fish out the back like the standard offshore fishing boat. We let them run! So what if your buddy next to you hooks a monster that is driving for the bottom, keep casting. With some smooth jockeying of the boat we keep those multiple hook ups straight. Stand up fighting belts is the name of the game here. Anyone can pull on billfish from the chair. Go toe to toe with a 500 lb. Black Marlin. Now we're talking!

Inshore fishing in the area is a must! The islands that surround the area are loaded with 20 - 70 pound Cubera Snapper, 15 - 80 pound Roosterfish, and some huge Amber Jack. Shark fishing is also outstanding for Bulls. We run 9 foot casting rods with 80 pound braided line to stop those big Snapper and Roosters before they dive into a hole or over the edge of a reef. You and friends get to throw 12 inch poppers that are weight loaded in and around the rocks just like fresh water Bass fishing only these bass will rip a spinning rod right out of your hands if you are not careful! Wahoo and Dorado also abound in these inshore waters, often times in unbelievably shallow water allowing some fun light tackle action.

All our boats are professionally outfitted and provide your group with top quality fish finders, GPS and VHF Radio. Guides are experienced, bilingual, professional licensed captains. We use Penn spinning reels and Shimano 50s on the stand up gear. We have it all covered for you.


Black Marlin                        
Blue Marlin                        
Yellow Fin Tuna                        
Peak Season

The Hannibal Bank is still one of the best-kept secret fishing spots in the world. Don't miss your chance to experience this world-class fishery!