An Exotic Getaway

Join us off the coast of the exotic Coiba island as we explore the rich waters of the Hannibal Bank. Few areas in Central America are as untouched as these remote waters. For years, the Panamanian government has protected this area and the fish that reside here as a national park. This protection has ensured that commercial fishing operations using long line equipment and gillnets have not been able to enter the park's boundaries. The result is an area rich in aquatic and marine lifw that is difficult to find it today's tropical waters.

White Sand Beaches and Crystal Blue Waters

After an exciting day on the water, we encourage you to take a stroll on the many islands white sand beaches, or take our kayaks out in search of bottlenose dolphins and flying fish. The islands in this area boast on of the richest varieties of bird life in the world. Take a guided tour through the jungle on Coiba Island in search of leaf cutter ants, exotic insects, and the occasional sloth. You may even see howling monkeys or hear their call during the end of the day. Whatever activities you choose, your experience in Panama will be one you will not forget.


Cruising in and out of the islands that separate the open ocean from inside waters on the west side of Panama is truly something spectacular. This is a place with white sand beaches and clear blue water, where fishermen still paddle out in hand carved canoes to their fishing grounds. This area is protected by the Coiba National Park and the Cerra Hoya National Park. Both parks are a refuge to birds, a variety of animals, reptiles, native flora and fauna, reef, and, of course, fish. Immerse yourself in the tropical experience and take a step back in time. This is the Lost Coast.


Surfing is a must for beginners and experts. It is rare to find quality waves without anyone on them. Let our experienced guides take you to the right wave for you. With over 10 waves that we go to frequently, and an additional 14 locations that depend on swell size, wind and tides, there is sure to be one wave that is ideal for you. Our guides will be able to instruct you on the best way to surf each spot and can also teach beginners. You can combine surfing with other activities in one day. The opportunity to combine different activities is what Lost Coast Excursions is all about - the next activity is just a short boat ride away.


Snorkeling in the park is something that should not be missed. You will see a rich variety of tropical fish, small reef sharks, beautiful corals and at times manta rays. Snorkeling with the whale sharks is also something that is possible given the right conditions. We have snorkeling equipment on the boats, ready for you.

Jungle Tours

In the Coiba National Park there is a spectacular jungle tour that is available to you at any time. You can do a half hour tour or does a full day hike through Coiba Island. Coiba Island has a multitude of indigenous species of plant life, animal life, reptiles, and bird life that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. The Smithsonian has a research center in the park that allows them to study these unique species. Please bring closed toed shoes if you would like to do this tour.

Ocean Fishing

The waters of Coiba National Park offer some of the best fishing in the world. During your trip, we will target cubera snapper and roosterfish, and will have opportunities at blue marlin, black marlin, and yellow fin tuna.

Inshore Fishing

With the use of a jet sled we can travel up rivers and fish estuaries with ease, so that you can cast flies or lures for all types of inshore species. Snook, roosterfish, snapper, and bonito are all a blast on light tackle.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Blue whales, Humpback Whales, Pilot Whales, Whale Sharks, and many kinds of dolphin can be and are often spotted in the park. We encourage you to bring your camera on all outings!

Beach Tours

Any of the white sand beaches you see can be yours! The cabanas have a white sand beach out the front door. We can also visit Isla de Oro and other perfect white sand beaches if you would like. Bring an umbrella, the snorkeling gear and beverages and make it a day to remember.

Local Village Tour

We will pass by several small fishing communities that have no road access. Entering these small settlements is like stepping back in time. Witness groups of men hand carve their fishing canoes from whole logs. See people fish from the bank of a river with bamboo poles or casting line. Life in these villages revolves around the catch of the day.

Bird Viewing

These areas have a unique variety of bird life that can be viewed from the ocean or on jungle tours. Panama has over 10 birds that are endemic to Panama. Take advantage of your opportunity to see the rare Coiba Spinetail, which is not found anywhere else in the world.

The adventure tour is a unique opportunity to take advantage of all that Coiba National Park has to offer.