The Most Beautiful Destinations In Panama

Camilo Gomez: Owner of Lost Coast Tours / Captain / Guide.
Camilo was born and raised in Santiago, the closest major port to the Coiba National Park. He has spent the majority of his life at sea. Camilo began his career chasing Tuna off the Panama coast on commercial fishing boats but soon transitioned into guiding sport fishermen. He has a unique connection to the sea as he has spent his entire life in this area of Panama. Panama is his home and Coiba is his back yard. Camilo is an outstanding fishermen and Captain.
Vampiro Martinez: Professional Surf Guide / Waterman / New Surf Explorer
Vampiro was born and raised in Panama. From the heart of the city to the most remote point breaks Vampiro is known as a professional surfer and skateboarder who cares a great deal about his country, family and friends. The name Vampiro comes from his early years as a professional skateboarder. He was often spotted in the middle of the night by himself hucking over a rail or sliding a park bench over and over to get it right. People began to refer to him as Vampiro and the name stuck. (We won’t tell you his real name but maybe you can get it out of him). Vampiro has pioneered many of the remote slabs and breaks in the Coiba National Park with the crew of Lost Coast and continues to do so.

No one has surfed and guided surfers in the Coiba National Park more than Vampiro, Period.
Chris Palle: Founder of Lost Coast Excursions / Captain / Surf, Fish and Free Dive Guide
Chris Palle has over 20 years guiding fishermen under his belt between the waters of Alaska, Colorado, British Columbia, Puerto Rico and Panama. An explorer, waterman, host, husband and father of two boys. Chris is a details oriented person with a calculating nature. He opened the door to these remote areas of Panama by launching his vessel the Lost Coast Explorer for charter service. Using the Explorer to literally live in the Coiba National Park for months at a time allowed Chris and the Lost Coast crew to watch the weather, swell, tides, fish migration patterns, annual rainfall and its effects on the water clarity, year after year. No one has knowledge and seasonal records of the Coiba National Park area like Chris. In 2009 BP contacted Chris to help them save an important stretch of Gulf coast shoreline during the Deep Water Horizon emergency. Chris and crew answered the call by steaming the Lost Coast Explorer from Panama to the Gulf. Chris and the LCE were instrumental in the protection of this important stretch of coastline. Lost Coast Crew purchased the business in Panama from Chris and continues to use his services as a host and guide.
Jose: Chef
Jose was born and raised in Santiago Panama. He now lives in the town of Montijo close to the Coiba area. A local in all regards. Jose is a husband and father of 3. An outstanding chef who pays close attention to timeliness and detail. His specialties are Seared Tuna, Lemon crusted Yahoo, Grilled Mahi, local rice dishes, pasta and of course… His signature chocolate flan. He does an outstanding job of preparing Panamanian cuisine with American influence. Like all the Lost Coast Crew, a one of a kind!